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If you think of leadership like parenting, then you can comprehend the concept of teamraising. Think nurturing. Good leaders foster an environment where good manners and civility prevail. They pay attention to the individuals on their team. They groom those with leadership potential, and guide them through the training and experiences they need to get to the next level. In this podcast, experts discuss the ways organizations can and should address these issues, thus enabling greater success for the organization, the project, and everyone involved.

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About the Speakers:

Lisa DiTullio is a recognized leader, author and speaker in healthcare portfolio and program management. She is the founder of Your Project Office, a PMI® Registered Education Provider and consulting practice. Besides being the author of several books, Lisa contributes regularly to many project management blogs.


Lucas Marino is a systems engineer, project manager, and educator. He served 21 years in the US Coast Guard, and served  as Branch Chief of the Coast Guard's Engineering and Weapons School. He currently leads all logistics engineering efforts for the Navy's COLUMBIA submarine program, and serves as adjunct faculty at Old Dominion University in the Department of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering. 

Paul Pelletier is a corporate lawyer, project manager, international professional public speaker, author, and business executive. He is a PMI® Registered Education Provider and served on the Project Management Institute’s Ethics Member Advisory Group. Paul’s 2018 book, The Workplace Bullying Handbook, is an inspirational call to action to eliminate bullying.

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