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Transformation Attenuation: The loss of signal that occurs as a message moves down the chain from the C suite.

Illusion: The assumption that communication has taken place, when in fact it hasn't. 

Here we explore these two phenomena in depth, and examine ways to avoid them, thereby increasing project & organizational effectiveness. 

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About the Speakers

Glenn Anderson is the Performance Catalyst Speaker – the catalyst between missed goals and achieved goals. He combines decades of corporate experience with IBM with his passion for performing improvisational comedy to help you ensure your audience is energized and equipped to better communicate, collaborate and lead.

Richard Wyatt focuses on Project Innovation and expanding the impact project managers have on their organizations. He has worked across the globe in UK, US, Australia and Indonesia delivering projects of growing size and complexity, and has observed PMs being limited by rigid processes. In his current consulting work, he helps PMs leverage their skills to broaden their impact on organizational transformation.


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