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We asked for examples of project failure and we got an earful from participants of the PMIWDC 2015 PM Symposium.

From the realities of Federal Government Health Care and IT systems, to the business environments of regional theatre and Role Playing Games, we had tales of failure and recovery in locales as newsworthy and disparate as New Haven, Afghanistan and Baltimore, on topics from IT, to program management, to event management, curriculum design and organizational change.

Whether it was missteps in stakeholder communications, scope and quality, risk and contingency or flat out leadership failure, our PMs were there…sometimes part of the problem and sometimes part of the fix, but always with a front row seat in the messy project arena that often plays to failure…and later lessons for success!

Listen and learn and snag a PDU, then email us with your topic of failure you might want to record for a part 2!

Project Management Point-of-View (PM-POV), a podcast series produced by the Washington DC Chapter of the Project Management Institute, allows our membership and the public at large to listen to brief and informative conversations with beltway area practioners and executives as they discuss various perspectives on project management-- its uses, its shortcomings, its changes, and its future. Listens can send comments and suggestions for topics and guests to:

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