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According to research and reports such as the Chaos report, the success rate for projects is far from great. Despite all the methods, tools and lessons learned, we seem to be in a holding pattern vis-a-vis increasing the success rate. This episode of PM Point of View® tackles this issue, with some specific approaches and techniques that can help Project Managers get more bang for their project, and increase productivity.

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About the Speakers:

Colin D Ellis is an award-winning project management speaker and author and helps organisations around the world build delivery cultures that everyone wants to be part of. He has written three best-selling project management books (including his latest one The Project Book) and speaks with energy, passion, humour and honesty about the challenges that organisations face in creating project leaders and the cultures required to deliver successfully every time.

Sarah Hoban is a PMP-certified project/program manager and strategy consultant with ten years of experience directing complex multi-million dollar projects and leading teams. Her career is dedicated to incorporating project management techniques to improve organizational business processes. She is the author of a blog and podcast, The Stealthy Project Manager, focused on project management and productivity.

Alan Zucker has over 25-years’ experience working in Fortune 100 companies, leading projects and large organizations. He spent six years as Director of Project Management at Fannie Mae, where he oversaw a huge organizational Agile transformation.

In 2016, he founded Project Management Essentials to provide training and advisory services in project management, Agile transformation, and leadership.  

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