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Being creatures of habit, humans have a hard time with change. But resilience and adaptability have kept us going through the millennia.

Projects inevitably bring about change – whether its related to culture, processes, systems, environment, or all of the above – and it’s the Project Manager who must shepherd the team or the organization through the sometimes painful process.

That means dealing with resistance. (There are some interesting philosophies about that.) It means planning for orientation and adaptation as part of the scope of your project. And – as we hear over and over – listen to your stakeholders. A truly successful change means there is no break in the flow of operations.

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About the Speakers

Yves Cavarec, MBA, PMP
CEO, Neworq

Yves Cavarec is CEO of Neworq -- a new company that develops solutions for collaborative learning.

He started his career in the banking industry in 1996. From 2004 to 2015, he worked on large organizational transformation, on managing change in global corporations, and on advising SME owners.

In 2014, he discovered what he calls, “self-management” and “self-organization.” Yves believes that people are the purpose of business, while value creation and technology are means toward this purpose. For him, the challenge is to align business with people, not the contrary.

He trusts that self-management and self-organization are the best options. In 2016, he founded the club Human Organizations of Work (HOW), an association that influences business leaders to develop self-management.

He co-authored the book "How successful organizations implement change,” published by PMI in October 2017.

Karen Smits
Practical Thinking Group
Karen Smits is an international expert in Organizational Anthropology. Her Ph.D. study Cross Culture Work: Practices of Collaboration in the Panama Canal Expansion Program receives much attention in the project management world, and beyond. This research shows the people-side of project management and reveals how project participants deal with the cultural complexity in their everyday work life.
At Practical Thinking Group, Karen is active as Global Thinker on Organizational Culture & Change Management. Often tied to Project Management services, she designs and facilitates cultural change processes. Karen also teaches in the Executive MBA of ADEN University, and she is often invited to speak at international corporate events.
After 5 years in Panama and 3 years in Brazil, Karen is now based in Singapore. She strives to make the cultural context of the organization and its members more visible, which supports collaboration and its outcomes within the (project) organization.
Luis Cáceres
Luis Cáceres is a consultant, speaker, change manager, coach, PMP and Agile PM. He is the author of the book Murphy on Projects, and has been involved in over US$6 billion in post-merger integrations
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