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Do the members of your project team communicate effectively? How well do they really trust one another? What do we mean when we say feedback, and what exactly is a "feedback culture"? What's the difference between observed behaviors and drivers? In this - the second episode on Psychometrics - host Kendall Lott gathers experts to discuss the practical applications of psychometric tools. They cite specific cases to illustrate which approach best suits a given circumstance or issue, and then explain why they chose the approach they did, and how to measure results.

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About the Speakers

David Cooper has been working in the learning and development industry since 1992 and joined Impact Americas team in 2008.  He works as Senior Consultant providing solution design, delivery expertise, and coaching to clients around the globe. David’s primary focus is coaching leaders to develop increased leadership capacity.


Ray Linder has worked with over 10,000 individuals across a range of clients that include Fortune 100 companies, the U.S. Army and Air Force, government agencies, and major universities, doing personal coaching, leadership development, and team building programs and services that help people be themselves with more skill.


Hile Rutledge is President and Principal consultant at OKA, a training, consulting and publishing firm headquartered near Washington DC.  Hile is an experienced organization development consultant, trainer, executive coach, author, and public speaker with a background in management, sales, adult education and leadership development.

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