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PM, it’s everywhere, and one of the most interesting places to find it is in the US Federal Government. As one of the largest project-generating bodies in the world (just look at the budget!), the Government faces challenges related to size and budget processes…and yet, the culture of Project Management can mature and flourish throughout.

Hear how three distinct organizations use Project Management techniques in various ways to achieve very different outcomes, from a program that is essentially about communication at the National Park Service, to the data collection requirements of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, to the deep technical research requirements within scientific missions at NASA.

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PM Point of View® (PM-POV) is a podcast series produced by Final Milestone Productions and PMIWDC. PM-POV allows our membership and the public at large to listen to brief and informative conversations with beltway area practioners and executives as they discuss various perspectives on project management -- its uses, its shortcomings, its changes, and its future. Listeners can send comments and suggestions for topics and guests to

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