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The statistics around project success vs. failure are less than heartening, to say the least. For all the tools and expertise PMs bring to the table, we somehow manage to miss the mark more often than we should. Here we feature highlights from two presentations of the 2021 UMD Project Management Symposium - one from a science/engineering angle, the other from construction - plus interviews with the presenters, who offer actionable insights into how you can manage crisis and avoid failure, no matter what field you are working in.

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About the Speakers

Nikola Ivanov serves as the Director of Operations at the Center for Advanced Transportation Technology Laboratory (CATT Lab) where he manages operations and technical development, and oversees every aspect of software implementation from conception to deployment.

Justin Jacobsen has more than twenty years of operational supervision experience with twelve years of program management responsibility delivering successively larger projects as part of diverse, multi-functional project teams. Mr. Jacobsen serves as MBP’s Director of Innovation Development .

Chris McLuckie has more than 28 years of experience managing construction projects from pre-design through project closeout as both agency construction manager and general contractor. His approach focuses on teamwork and bringing the right people together to facilitate the best solutions.


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